The Seven Deadly Pirates

Today’s blog is not about our upcoming competition.

Joyce and I just received the DVD of the showcase “The Seven Deadly Pirates” that we performed  back in March. Continue reading


Who’s the Leader Anyway?

Leader: Noun – a person that leads

If you read my last blog “No …It’s Your Fault”, you’ll remember that Joyce and I like to kid about who messed up. I have to eat some crow here. I was hit over the head with a 2×4. Actually, it slowly started at our lesson with Val. I mentioned that whenever I try to lead Joyce into Rumba crossover and side rocks, she cannot tell what I am going to do. Therefore, she did not know what to do and it would just end in a big mess. So Val helped me with how to lead Joyce into it. This led into a very helpful discussion on leading. Continue reading

No….It’s Your Fault

When Joyce and I started taking lessons, Megan told us there are three phases in a dancing couple’s relationship. Phase 1: Her – I am so sorry. It is my fault. Him – No, it is my fault. Phase 2: Her – I am so sorry. It’s my fault. Him – No, It is my fault. Her – You’re right; it is your fault. Phase 3: Her – It’s your fault. Megan told us that she has never seen anyone get to phase 3 as fast as we did. We made it to phase 3 by the second lesson. I guess we’re just overachievers! Continue reading