To think or Not to Think … That is the Question!

Please forgive me this week as I am feeling a little down on my dancing and I need to get my feelings out. Maybe if I express myself, it will help me overcome my problem. I do not know if I am experiencing a lack of concentration when I dance or if I am suffering from too many thoughts.  I will go into more detail on how my mind works while dancing. Maybe some of you will have an insight on how I can overcome this. Continue reading


Working harder and practicing more

Now that the Asheville Stars Ball competition is over, Joyce and I have a better understanding of the work it will take to truly be competitive dancers. Our lessons have taken on a different tone. I mistakenly said to Joyce that it is like we are starting all over again. But that is not true. What we are doing is bringing our dancing to the next level. Both Val and Megan are being very nit-picky with us, which Joyce and I welcome. We need that. We are very analytical people and this is how we think. We are moving from learning the patterns to learning the proper techniques. With enough practice, the patterns are easy to do. The hard part is to put everything together.  We keep waiting for the lightbulb to turn on.  As Val said, it is starting to flicker! Continue reading

Competition Thoughts

Joyce and I spent the weekend in Asheville, NC competing in the Asheville Stars Ball. We had a great time with the BDC family. This was the first time we traveled for a competition and it truly was a wonderful experience. We discovered something important about ballroom dancers. They have two concerns: when is their next heat and when are their going to eat. The second topic seemed to be the bigger concern, as most conservations contained some mention of food. Continue reading