Waltzing through Life

I am sitting in the Charlotte airport as I write this. I am returning from a quick trip to New Jersey to visit family and I have a three-hour layover. I thought it would be a good use of my time to give an update on how Joyce and I are doing.  Joyce and I like to say that we are busier now than when our children were young. Between working and dance, we do not have much down time. We signed the paperwork for the Roanoke Valley Star Ball Dance Challenge. The more of these we do, the less of the, “What were we thinking”, moments I have.  We were planning on competing with our pros and with each other in Roanoke. That has changed as we will only be dancing with our professional partners. This decision was strictly for financial reasons. Ballroom competition is not cheap, we had to look at the overall cost and try to get it to a manageable amount. Because of this, Joyce and I do not dance together as much during our lessons.  We do attend each other’s lesson and the pros get us together when there is something that we both need to understand. This will help us  when we do compete as an amateur couple. Continue reading


The Person in the Mirror

I wrote another post a couple of weeks ago that I never published. I was trying to be funny with it, at my expense. But the more I read it, the more I realized that it was not positive. That I needed to rethink about how I view my dancing and the progress that I have made. I hope to publish a series of posts dealing with the distorted perception that I have about myself and how to change it.  Much of this is coming from comments made from our last competition where the judges said that I need to show more confidence in myself. Joyce and I put in the practice time, so why doubt when performing? Continue reading