The Person in the Mirror

I wrote another post a couple of weeks ago that I never published. I was trying to be funny with it, at my expense. But the more I read it, the more I realized that it was not positive. That I needed to rethink about how I view my dancing and the progress that I have made. I hope to publish a series of posts dealing with the distorted perception that I have about myself and how to change it.  Much of this is coming from comments made from our last competition where the judges said that I need to show more confidence in myself. Joyce and I put in the practice time, so why doubt when performing?

1). I receive compliments about my dancing with skepticism.

Oh, how I do this. So many times when Joyce and I leave the dance studio, I talk about the people who have complimented us on how much progress we have made. Saying stupid things like, “Did they see me dance?” or “They must have me confused with someone that can really dance”. To change this, I need to take away at least one thing that I did well that day. That could be something that Megan or Val said during a lesson. Or something positive that someone noticed during a competition. If I had known how serious Joyce and I would become about Ballroom dancing, there is one thing that I would have liked to do over when we started. I had wished that we would have recorded our very first dance lesson. Then whenever I feel that we have made no progress, I could watch it and compare it to how we look today.

2). Focusing in the flaws.

Whenever we compete, I go back through the day, replaying all the mistakes I made. At out last competition, Megan and I had finished a Foxtrot, when she gave me a huge smile and said that was the best Foxtrot that I have ever danced. But did I walk away that day thinking about that, NOOOO. I was too busy beating myself up over a Foxtrot that I totally blew with Joyce. Now that time has passed, I keep thinking about that feeling that I got when Megan told me how well I did. I now replay that moment whenever I am feeling down about how I am dancing.

Where are we today and what does our schedule look like? The Pros have completed the choreography for our dance routines that we will be doing in the showcase next March. To add to that, we still plan to compete in November. To keep it all moving forward, we alternate, one week preparing for competition and the next week we work on the routines for the March show.  We are always working on, our posture, poise, frame and of course timing.  Val has on many occasion told us that the first thing the judges look at is posture and frame. If they don’t like what they see, you’re done. The second thing they look for is timing. Which explains why we spend so much time on these two things.   We have been working on our timing as Joyce and me, okay mainly me, have a very hard time with timing. Not having any musical training, I do not hear the beat in the music. In a previous lesson, Val had me say the timing as we danced our competition routine. I’ll say what Val told me in a more direct way, “Your mind doesn’t talk to your body”. He was much nicer in how he said it. Even though I was saying the timing correctly, I was not dancing it correctly. At our last lesson, Val tried something with us that I feel really helped. He had us dance to a metronome. He could control the beats per minutes and I only had to listen for the click. I was able to stay on the beat dancing the basic elements. I would struggle when transitioning from one element to the next, but I did better with the timing. I felt really good after that lesson, as I think that we have discovered a way that I can learn to hear the beat while thinking about the dance.

Until next time, keep dancing.


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