In one week Joyce and I will be competing in the Roanoke Star Ball Dance Challenge and then I am taking some vacation time for Thanksgiving . I have so many thoughts running through my head. It will be a long week as the excitement builds towards the competition  and then going on vacation afterward. I can imagine it now, being in a meeting where people are going: blah,blah,blah and I am running through my routines for the one millionth time. I’ll get asked if my project is on schedule and I’ll tell them I don’t know. I only have six days until the deadline and I am still having some trouble with the Tango double corte, then there is the Loop in Rumba that I am still working on. Oh wait a minute, they mean my work deadline, you know work, it is what you have to do so that you can pay for dancing. 

This is our fifth competition so you would think that I wouldn’t get so anxious about it. I have been told that it is good to have some nerves, it makes you perform better. Still, Joyce and I have each booked an additional lesson this week mainly as a confidence booster. We can get through all six dances in our lessons. Each of us has one or two spots that still give us some trouble, but we still can get through them. As we continue this dance journey, our confidence is gaining. I can only hope that it shows as we dance. I am learning that competition is not only about your technique, but also the showmanship. We have entered 24 heats and I am going to look at them as 24 mini showcases. Maybe then I will look better to the judges.

As this journey continues, there are still so many things that we need to learn. Now that we are beginning to feel more comfortable about where our feet go, we can start to work on shaping and styling. That can only help with the judges, right?

Until next time, keep dancing….


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