2016 It was a great year

What a great year Joyce and I had. It started with the Showcase in March, “The Seven Deadly Pirates”.  I danced to the song ” The Last Tango” where I played the part of an angry pirate. I thought that I had pulled it off until our daughter said that she laughed the whole time. They people sitting next to her asked her what was so funny. Our daughter said I know him and he is not mean. Joyce danced to “The Pirates of Dance” where she had to dance drunk and fall off a table. She used that routine in a showcase competition and if you count that and the four shows, she fell off a table five times. Only once did we come close to missing her and having her hit the floor. But we managed to catch her just in time. In my book, we had a perfect record. Joyce, however, looks at it differently.

In April, only two weeks after the show, our daughter got married. As you can image, between the show and the wedding the Weballroomdance house was busy.

If this wasn’t enough, Joyce and I decided that we would enter a competition in June. Val and Megan said that we were ready to move up to full bronze. This meant that we only had about six weeks to learn six routines while learning some new patterns. I know, by now you must be thinking that we are either crazy or gluttons for punishment. We just like to challenge ourselves. It forces us to continue to work on our dancing. As the competition grow closer, we had to keep changing the routines because there were some things that I could not get right.

June come and we went to the competition which was in Asheville, NC and we had a great time. It was the first time that we had been to Asheville and if you ever get the chance I would recommend going for a visit.

In August our studio puts on a competition and Joyce and I call it our big competition. The reason for this is that Joyce and I compete both in the Pro/Am category and as an amateur couple. Therefore we dance in a lot of heats. This year we each danced in 36 heats. While we felt better with our routines, we still lacked confidence. This was evident in our faces. We both smiled while dancing with the pros, but never smiled when with each other. We were concentrating so much that we did not think about smiling.  Our take away from this dance is that we are growing, but still have ways to go.

The fall is when we begin to prepare for the showcase. The professionals do the choreography for us and we start to learn the routines. While working on this Joyce and I were preparing for a competition in Roanoke, VA. We both had more confidence at this competition. I feel that we made a big improvement in how we handled ourselves mentally in a competition. I feel that this was our best competition this year.

With 2016 over, we are looking forward to 2017. The first part of the year we will be spending most of the time getting ready for the showcase.

Hoping 2017 is a great year and keep dancing.



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