The Person in the Mirror

I wrote another post a couple of weeks ago that I never published. I was trying to be funny with it, at my expense. But the more I read it, the more I realized that it was not positive. That I needed to rethink about how I view my dancing and the progress that I have made. I hope to publish a series of posts dealing with the distorted perception that I have about myself and how to change it.  Much of this is coming from comments made from our last competition where the judges said that I need to show more confidence in myself. Joyce and I put in the practice time, so why doubt when performing? Continue reading


Post Competition

I know it has been a while since I updated everyone on our dancing journey, but in the WeBallroomDance house, we have been busy. Joyce has started a part-time job in addition to her full time job. Dancing is an expensive hobby…somebody has to work! So we haven’t had much free time to sit down and write. We competed in the Augusta Dance Challenge on August 20th. It was a great day and overall, I feel that Joyce and I did okay. Continue reading

Don’t Give Up!

Great words of encouragement, I would like to thank the GirlWithTheTreeTattoo for letting me post this.

The Girl with the Tree Tattoo

(Warning, cheesy motivational post!)
Originally posted on the Girl with the Tree Tattoo Facebook and Instagram pages, I felt like sharing it here too.


I thought I was done competing in ballroom for at least a year after CalOpen in February. Now I’m working toward going to TWO comps before the end of 2016.


I had major doubts about my dancing, feeling like my progress had plateaued with no goal to work toward. Then I had my first coaching and the coach was “super impressed.”


After the last jump in the Amazon ranks, my eBook “Dance Diaries: Learning Ballroom Dance” did nothing but fall every time I looked at it. I felt like my marketing efforts were having no effect. Then I woke up this morning and it’s back in the top 20 in its category.


The common denominator is I never gave up.



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